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Exasperated, he settled down in his seat once again and glanced to his half spilled drink. Well, it wasn’t like he had intended on drinking it, so more to the table, he supposed.

" On leave? " Adapa mimed out loud, but expected no reply. ” Oh! Pilots, well, that’s..rather.. “ he didn’t finish his sentence out as he raised his hand to his mouth to let out a soft laugh.

That’s very coincidental! To answer your question, we’re scientists and engineers, actually we just finished up a project we had been working on to convert some machines for the war. We came down to celebrate it being over with,” he explained, finding the irony horribly amusing although it wasn’t really that amusing in retrospect.

Finally, his laughter started to die down, and with a few coughs to clear up his throats he started to speak again. “Where had you been stationed? My, I don’t think I could leave the city again, I’ve done it once or twice in my life, I’d get too home sick, so you who are willing to leave have my highest regard,” he babbled on, gesturing with his hands every now and again in a general fashion. ” I hope the others are doing alright, really it’s such a pointless little war to loss a life over, but what can you do? “

"You don’t say!" Inaya looked wide-eyed at the engineer with surprise, yet feeling equally amused. "What a surprise to find the guys who keep us in top shape here in the same tavern! Well I’d say the timing was impeccable. Another reason to celebrate! I knew I’d like this city,"

The soldier was overjoyed how they finally striking a normal conversation after that little misunderstanding— a good one, too! What could be more relevant than those machines! 

"We’re stationed west of here. Most of the girls are from around these parts and nearby cities." Inaya chuckled at the compliment, and shook her hands bashfully. "Come now, you’re giving me undeserved praise, Adapa! I used to live in a village drawn practically off the maps. It was completely unbearable— I’m much better off just flying around the world or sitting here among friends.”  The soldier sat back on the chair, and began to think about how eager she was to see her own machine when returning to base. “But I suppose I’m a little base-sick rather than homesick!”

The soldier sighed sadly, glancing back at her fellow pilots before turning back to Adapa. “They’re strong, and truly gifted. We certainly have been blessed…and all we could hope for is this war to end swiftly. I’m sure you agree.” Inaya tapped her fingers on the wooden table and started to look a little down. But she knew better than to think too deeply about how quickly war was escalating  Shaking her head, she put on a cheerful grin once again. “Say, I would love to see where you work on the machines, Adapa! Please say yes, I know I could learn a thing or two from just observing.” 

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7. A Halloween date night out.



Adapa panicked when the liquid started to slosh forth from the cups; reaching forward he tried to stop them from fully over turning, even if it got his gloves wet in the process. Now time just seemed to stand still for the young man as he waited there, hands on the tankards while Inaya looked about under the table to see what was ‘underneath’. Slowly his hands withdrew as his glared stayed put.

Slowly, inch by inch, guilt started to leak its way into him as the woman in front of him babbled in order to explain that she meant absolutely no harm by her handshake. Now his face was red not in embarrassment from such personal contact, but embarrassment that he reacted in such a way towards someone who hadn’t the slightest idea that something so simple as a gesture as shaking a hand wasn’t something that he or his family did.

"I— no, no no I’m sorry for reacting that way all together. I should of really thought that through more, I tend to forgot not everyone is aware-."

He started off, but quickly cut himself off when Inaya paused to take a breath, relaxing herself.

He let out a heavy sigh, and wiped his hands off on his outfit before looking back up to her. He gave a small smile, although it was forced but still genuine at the same time.

"It’s nice to meet you Inaya. You can call me that. What brings you and your companions to this part of the city? I’ve never seen you guys around before. "

It was better to just continue on then let the awkwardness float around, right?

Although she still felt some guilt for her actions, Inaya couldn’t help but crack a tiny smile back at Adapa’s words. What an understanding fellow, she thought. Surely, Inaya would have a good laugh about it later. Her hands found their way back to the table, and stayed folded. It was a relief that he wasn’t angered at her mistake.

"We’re on leave, my good man. Pilots who are glad to be back on land, you see, just celebrating our good fortune." The soldier’s grin was from ear to ear, and she was absolutely thrilled to say it too. Well, at least that bout of nervousness from the misunderstanding vanished. She was back to her old self. "It felt like ages since we’ve been in a city. As soon as we were given the word, we all came here. I think we’re leaving the sight-seeing til morning…or maybe whenever they actually wake up." The woman laughed at the thought. After a night like this, they wouldn’t think to get back up until evening returned.

Inaya leaned to grab what was left of her drink, a took a few quick sips and turned to look onto the other soldiers mingling with the locals. “We’re holed up nearby until the brass says otherwise. Could be a week…but the girls are hoping for two. All depends on how the other guys are doing, you know what I mean?” She took a second to investigate the local men and their attire, attempting to figure out their line of work. “You and your friends…are scientists?” Inaya turned back to Adapa, unsure of her answer. “Or uh…doctors maybe?”


Adapa opened his mouth to reply, but it soon feel shut as he mumbled slightly to himself about ‘speaking up’. Instead of speaking up about it, his fingers found his glass and started to tapped lightly against the cold surface. His eyes remained downwards towards the glass, unlike Inaya who was staring directly at him.

Finally after a few moments of thought, he raised his gaze and even let out a mild laugh.

"Yes, everyone does become a bit tone-deaf at this time, but I’m sure it sounds like a chorus of angels to them since they’re..drunk."

His laughter died quickly on her comment his colleagues running the bar dry; it was quite a worrying idea if they managed that.   He let out a small hum as he thought.

"As lon-"

He tried to comment, at least. Whatever he was going to say was completely tossed aside as the cheerful lady reached across the table and snatched his hand right off the table top, which he had just removed from the glass moments ago.

She had meant it in an entirely friendly gesture; he knew that somewhere deep in his brain, but it didn’t stop the fact that he quickly yanked his hand out of hers, face as red as a tomato and eyes wide. Hell, the man almost went tumbling out of his chair with the force he recoiled with!

"M-MY G—"

Not much else got out of his mouth as it clamped shut, and an utterly horrified but offended expression settled across his face at the soldier who just continued on talking. This time he didn’t look away from her, but he just stared at her with the same expression until a heavy breath was let out of his lungs.

"D-Don’t /DO/ that. "

He said sternly, but in an oddly friendly manner as he raised his hands up to his chest, palms facing her.  Despite this surprise and the red expression still on his face, he continued with their introductions. 

"I’m Adapa U-an, and unless you plan on breaking up my current engagement, I do not recommend touching my hand in that manner again."

"W-WHAT!? WHAT!? OH GODS IS THERE SOMETHING UNDER THE TABLE?" Seeing Adapa react so suddenly startled Inaya enough to push her chair back from the table roughly. Her sudden force pushing against the table rocked it enough to spill some of the drinks within the tankards. Their commotion luckily didn’t stir everyone’s good time. Their hollers just mixed within the loud chatter within the tavern.

Inaya glanced side to side, and even below her chair to see what the fuss was about. When she saw there was nothing more than just their feet under the table, the soldier glanced back up, eyes meeting a rather vexed glare from the man sitting across from her. Unsure of what exactly just happened, Inaya fidgeted in her seat, trying to to make out what that glare was all about. Was asking for something so innocent as a name a bad thing? The sudden tension made her reach for what was left in the tankard, but once Adapa began speaking, her hand shot back down to her lap, her back straightening in attention.

Don’t do that, he said.

Goodness he was certainly red. Inaya titled her head, indeed quite puzzled. So this was about the name? Upon further explanation, it was revealed to the young woman that her hand shake stirred up the commotion. Unsure of how to answer, Inaya’s gaze fell to her hand before returning her attention back to Adapa. “Your current engagement— Oh…NO. No no no I’m so sorry how foolish of me to— I mean…I’m not really of marrying age anymore anywa— Wait… What I mean to say is I don’t want to be a home wrecker and break of your happy engagement— Wait. I should have known there was difference in our cultures here…not to say that you’re different— I mean—” Inaya certainly did feel foolish in making such a mistake, so much so that she was fumbling with words and ended up spilling out nonsense and blabber. Her hands stayed firmly on her lap. She was even hesitant to move them back up to the table.

She paused. Took a deep breath. And then, Inaya relaxed and composed herself. “Adapa. It’s good to meet you.” the soldier began, starting over after her previous gibberish. “….can I call you that?” The soldier leaned in cautiously and mumbled out to the man.